2nd Monday meeting (on Wednesday 12th August) report

We decided to hold this ‘2nd Monday’ meeting for Shipston Beekeeper Association’s members on a Wednesday so that those now attending the Training Apiary (which is now open, please see the SBK Apiary Training Evenings 2020 page for more details) could join in. But it was a hot August night and we did have a slightly smaller turnout than we have had at previous virtual meetings.

This we an ‘open’ Q&A session and we had some good questions and typical beekeeper lively discussions. 

Topics discussed included Bee Paralysis Virus and how to treat it, Varroa (some interesting discussion on monitoring mite drop), whether the bees might swarm at this time of year and a lot of discussion on winter feeding.

For more details please see the post in the Let’s Talk Beekeeping Forum in the Members area.

Gary Thomas