2nd Monday virtual meeting 13th July

We had 19 members join us on Monday 13th for the Shipston and District Beekeepers July 2nd Monday meeting. After the normal introductions and beekeeping banter the evening started with the 100 Club draw and the winnings will be on their way to Carl and David shortly.

We then had a fascinating talk by Paul Baines, our Chair Elect, on his Warre hives. This is a different style, and indeed philosophy, to that which most beekeepers aspire to using National or Langstroth hives. Indeed it raises the question ‘what is beekeeping’. His talk ended with lots of questions – as you might expect. If you want to know more about Paul’s Warre hives he has produced a video about them that is in the Forum section of the Members Area.

Next up was Gary Thomas with a talk about the Shipston and District Beekeepers website (ahem, the one you are on now) with some information about the work maintaining the website, how we are trying to make it more visible when people search for beekeeping organisations (because we want to attract new members!) and closed showing some of the analytics data on how people use the website.

Gary Thomas