Shipston Beekeepers is a branch of Warwickshire Beekeepers Association –  registered charity no. 500276 – and is open to anyone interested in beekeeping.


Our membership consists of beginners, who are most welcome, as well as long standing beekeepers who are full of wisdom and help!  We aim to promote an interest in beekeeping and provide ways and means of teaching the art as well as educate the wider public on all things bees. To assist in spreading the word on the importance of supporting pollinating insects, especially honey bees, we participate in various Shows in the area. This also enables us to exhibit and sell a variety of hive products.

Members enjoy regular monthly social meetings, normally with a topical talk scheduled; visits to home apiaries through the summer months; and invitations to various lectures and training programmes.

Interested in joining us?

A membership application form can be found at: