About Us

Shipston and District Beekeepers is a branch of the Warwickshire Beekeepers Association – registered charity no. 500276 – which in turn is an area association of the British Beekeepers Association. Membership of our branch is open to anyone interested in beekeeping.

We have in excess of 100 members made up of beginners, who are most welcome, as well as long standing beekeepers who are full of wisdom and help! We aim to promote an interest in beekeeping and provide ways and means of teaching the art, as well as educate the wider public on all things bees.

Our Website

This website has new content being added on a regular basis so do please keep an eye on this to get detail on any specific resource that we offer as well as general beekeeping information.


Throughout the year we hold monthly meetings for our members on the second Monday of the month at the Cherington Arms in Cherington Village. These are run on an informal basis and are a mixture of talks and general discussion about topical beekeeping matters.

During the current Coronovirus lockdown we are holding virtual meeting via Zoom, both our 2nd Monday meetings and ad-hoc training sessions. We have a training video in the Members area on how to conduct a hive inspection and plan to add to these training aids.

Apiary visits:

We organise 3 to 4 apiary visits during the summer months when one of our members invites the membership to their own apiary. This enables attendees to see at first-hand how other members manage their apiary, and weather permitting, to inspect some of their hives. Often the Apiary host provides tea, cakes and biscuits for members as they chat about what they have seen and learned from the visit once the hives are closed up. Apparently beekeepers can get through a lot of cake and biscuits whilst talking about beekeeping!

Training evenings:

During the summer months we run weekly Apiary Sessions for new members at our branch apiary in Upper Brailes . These are an opportunity for new beekeepers to work on one of our hives under the guidance of an experienced beekeeper to gain become familiar with handling bees and seeing at first-hand the annual beekeeping cycle. These sessions are a great prelude to a member getting their own bees.

Local Shows:

We exhibit at number of local shows during the year. These represent an opportunity for us to help educate the general public about all things bee related. Usually we have an observation hive on the stand so you can see bees at work. We also sell honey from our Branch Apiary as well as member’s honey and hive products. Dates of shows at which we have booked to exhibit are listed in our upcoming events page.

Interested in joining us?

If you have any questions about Shipston and District Beekeepers, or about beekeeping in general, please email our secretary.

If you wish to become a member please click here to go to our application form.