AHAT Contact Details

Warwickshire AHAT Coordinator.     routhjulian@gmail.com

SBK AHAT Coordinator.                     Paul Baines, Chair Shipston Beekeepers via chair.shipston@wbka.org.uk or 07894066576


Any suspected Asian hornet sightings should be reported to – – –  

  • The NBU (National Bee Unit).


  • The NNSS (Non Native Species Secretariat.


    • Your seasonal/Regional Beekeeper, ( see back page WB).


  • Your AHAT team or coordinator, (see SBKA website). Note. The purpose of having an AHAT is to facilitate/verify identification and location of sightings so that the appropriate authorities can be notifies asap.



When emailing, please include your name, the location of the sighting and if possible, a photograph of the hornet. Please do not put yourself in any danger of getting stung when trying to take a photo.


Further information on Asian Hornet and identification on this website under – – – ‘Asian Hornet 2019