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Now Every Beekeeper Can BeeConnected

BeeConnected, the new web-based communication system between farmers and beekeepers is now open to all beekeepers to register and to receive alerts from local farmers of insecticide spraying events.

BeeConnected is a nationwide initiative that provides a more efficient and effective way for farmers to inform beekeepers of their intention to apply an insecticide.

Alerts from farmers will tell local beekeepers by email:

  • when spraying will occur
  • the crop being treated
  • the compound being applied
  • and enable appropriate mitigating action to be taken

In addition to receiving accurate and up to date information of a spray event happening in the area BeeConnected provides direct contact from local farmers and provides the opportunity to establish a relationship with local farmers.

BeeConnected in a joint venture under the Voluntarily Initiative between the BBKA, National Farmers Union and Crop Protection Association.

Register now for the system launch at: