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<span style=”font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;”>As long as the strong hive is disease free (which is probably true or else it would not be strong) you can put frames of brood into the weaker hive to boost it. Having more nurse bees allows that colony to increase the number of cells they can tend plus the emerging brood will mean there are empty cells ready for the queen to lay up. From this you can appreciate it is best if you can donate emerging or sealed brood rather than unsealed. Unsealed brood means more mouths to feed and space to keep warm; you risk it being neglected if the weak colony has insufficient nurse bees initially. The transfer will weaken the colony a little but it will still have all its flying bees. To reduce the number of flying bees you could swop the location of the two hives, ie move A to B and B to A. I have never used this equalisation technique but it is fairly common early in the season. </span>