Reply To: I think they are swarming…

Gary T


My suspicions are that they must have been creating queens from lavae – and at quite a rate.

There is an interesting update to this story. When I started to sort out kit for the Demaree I mentioned above I had a quick peek into the nuc with the swarm but it was pretty empty – and at the same time the hive they came from was bursting with bees, hardly compatible with having swarmed in my view – had the swarm moved from the nuc back into the hive they came from?

Thus I was a bit stuck – in an inspection yesterday there was no sign of the queen from the swarm and no queen / eggs / lavae in the hive. Not the end of the world as I have the original queen from that hive in a nuc.

Opening my wax box to put some scrapings in we noticed some movement and there was a queen wandering around. One of the queen cells I put in there last Monday must have hatched. I caught her, put her in a cage and placed it in my Hive 1. She is quite small and I give it 50/50 that introducing her will work but worth a try I thought

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