Reply To: No honey in supers – should I worry?

Gary Thomas

Morning Paul,

Some colonies will do very well and some will struggle just finding enough forage to keep going.

It can depend on your area and what is available at the time. That does vary greatly.

A colony needs to have enough bees to spare to go out scouting for new sources and bring it home.

nother variable, and don’t want to worry you here, is that the colony in question might be struggling for other reasons – – – queen not laying sufficiently or health problems (Nosema for example).

So many variables.

But the most important thing to remember is to check to see if they have enough stores until your next inspection. If there is a ‘June Gap’ or inclement weather the colony can starve quickly if they have no reserves. So it is very important to ‘heft’ your brood box (take the roof off first) or visually check the brood frames to see if they have stores. Note that if there is a gap the queen can often go ‘off lay’ for a while until there is another flow. This is sometimes misinterpreted as a missing queen (no eggs or queen seen). But she will pick up as soon as the flow starts.

Hope that helps.