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      Gary T

      We decided to hold this ‘2nd Monday’  on a Wednesday so that those now attending the Training Apiary (which is now open, please see the SBK Apiary Training Evenings 2020 page for more details) could join in. But it was a hot August night and we did have a slightly smaller turnout than we have had at previous virtual meetings.

      This we an ‘open’ Q&A session and we had some good questions and typical beekeeper lively discussions:

      Bee Paralysis Virus: David had posted a picture in this Forum (Black bee) of a black bee. This is a result of the bee losing the hairs from its abdomen as a result of Bee Paralysis Virus. The discussion was on what to do and in severe cases the view was the hive needed to be destroyed and sadly we discussed several ways of doing htis. However destroying a badly  infected hive would be better than letting the virus spread to other hives.

      Varroa: A debate ranging from what to treat with (personally I’ve never had a problem with MAQS strips but not everyone is a fan) to the value, or otherwise, of monitoring mite drop. There was some discussion around whether it was worth monitoring and why not just treat? Apart frmo those who pf course prefer to not treat…..

      Swarms, Supers and Space: The question was when to remove supers if there is no desire to extract any more honey from them but a concern over causing the brood to become crowded and perhaps kicking off a late swarm. leave the supers on until the end of the month, then treat, and then give them a super back ‘under supering’ for food.

      Which then started a good discussion over winter feeding. Some use ambrosia sytrup, some use Ambrosia fondant, or plain bakers fondant, and some believe in making sure enough honey is left for the bees in a combination of stores in the brood and bottom supering. We (Shipston Beekeepers) now have Ambrosia syrup that members will be able to buy (details to be announced) and we are considering getting Ambrosia fondant in as well.



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