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      When should I add the first super to my hive?

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      Hi Fred, my first super is on already in anticipation of the sunny weather this weekend.

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      Hello Fred I have already put my first super on in anticipation of the sunny weather this weekend

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      Hi Carolyn,

      Many thanks, I think I’ll do the same!

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      Have spotted rape coming in to flower on the other side of the valley. I shall add another super or two!!!!

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      For various reasons I haven’t been able to check my bees until 2 days ago, 8th April.
      So I shouldn’t have been surprised that they had started to build honey comb above the crown board.
      I put queen excluders and supers on all and hopefully they will now take the honey down fron the crown board and store it in the supers. Probably not necessary but I did cut the comb from the board and just lay it down on top of the board.
      All extra work for the bees though, and I could have saved them the job by supering earlier.
      Took a photo but not sure how to or if I can upload a photo to the forum?

Viewing 5 reply threads
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