Bees at the hive entrance

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      Gary Thomas

      Steve Bates has given permission to post this short video of bees at the hive entrance. Much can be learnt by observation and many of us will know of the famous book of the same title  ‘AT THE HIVE ENTRANCE’ by H. Storch.

      I couldn’t believe how steady Steve’s hand was until he told me his secret – a Go pro camera with a ‘monopod’.

      It is possible with (good eyesight or) a good camera with telephoto or macro lens to get very detailed images of bees laden with different pollens at the hive entrance.

      Matching the different colours with available pollen charts can give a good indication of pollen source. it is always useful and interesting to know what and where your bees are foraging.

      One useful pollen identification site is –          – – – but there are others.



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