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      David Jones

      Spotted this wandering around the comb. Apparently not causing any concern to the colony.  At one point I wondered if it was trying to lay an egg in a cell!?  Is it another species, a mutant worker – the converse of an albino, or…?

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      Gary Thomas

      Not a healthy bee.

      Has lost all hairs on abdomen.

      Could well be CBPV,(Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus).

      Would suggest internet search (NBU for example).

      Not that unusual to see the occasional bee like that.

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      David Jones

      Good spot Tim – I think you’re probably right.  We’ve had it before years ago, manifesting as trembling, rather than black bees, but I’d forgotten it can do both


      I’ve just requeened this colony and they’ve had a brood break, which should help with Varroa, so fingers crossed that will keep it in check

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      I spotted this bee yesterday. It is very dark and looked quite healthy, happily collecting from a Campanula in my garden.

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      Nice dark bee in the flower. If you look carefully it has the hairs on it’s back. The one at the start of this thread does not. One of the signs of Bee Paralysis Virus is the lack of hairs, that’s why Tim raised it as a possibility. Bees with BPV tend not to leave the hive readily. The end up hairless and shiny.

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