Can I use a nuc as a bait hive?

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      The title says it all really!

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      In his work Tom Sealy discovered swarming bees have a set of preferences for their new home, rather like the filters we might apply when looking for a new home on RightMove. He found the volume of the nest site ideally needed to be ~40l or more. This happens to be the size of the Langstroth as used in USA. A National brood box is ~35l so just about ok. A nuc would be considered too small and in my experience they are too small for housing a decent size collected swarm.

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      Thanks, I had a feeling that a Nuc might be too small. I have a spoare brood so I think I’ll try to improvise a roof and floor to create a bait hive.

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      I have a 6 frame nuc which also has a super. For a few years it was outside my workshop and it caught a swarm at least once every year!!! I shouldn’t have moved it! I guess being that little bit wider and with a super too, it made it a good size.
      One year, whilst Dave Peckham was with me, a swarm came inside my workshop and hived itself on the top shelf of some metal racking upon which was a super. Quite a sight and very funny as my son Jack was in there working in his car and he hates bees!! Bless them, you never really know what they will do….

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      Interesting. I’ve got a 6-frame poly nuc and might just see if I can get a super for it to try using it as a bait hive.

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