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      When should I start feeding my bees and what is the best feed to use? I gather sugar syrup but never know th ecorrect mix.

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      Have you tried JustEat?

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      When do I need to add my first super to the brood?

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      Chris Paxford

      It’s still a bit chilly for syrup so it’s fondant for now

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      Thanks – I sort of thought that might be the case

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      Tim N

      As Chris said recently – – – if you can’t get to your bees for a while because of self isolation,or illness, it would be a good idea to give your bees some space in the form of a super or two. This could prevent them swarming.

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      Hi Tim,

      Added a super to my ‘strong’ hive a few days ago and it’s already half full of bees!

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      The flowers and the sun are out! Hopefully they can now feed themselves!!

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      Indeed – mine are now bringing in loads of pollen quite a change in the volume in just the last 2 days. Full inspection today – and one of my hives already has a super on and I suspect might need a second!

Viewing 8 reply threads
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