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      Gary Thomas

      Following on from the virtual meeting about swarm capture and hiving swarms her are a couple of references to points made.

      Chris mentioned The Honeybee Democracy by Professor Tom Seeley, and I mentioned his latest book The Lives of Bees (the Untold Story).

      Both come highly recommended and cover his lifelong work observing honey bees in the wild.

      Further to Tom Seeley  – – – David mentioned his lectures and many more from other lecturers on the National Honey Show website where you can watch many lectures recorded over the years.

      Here is the link – – –


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      Gary T

      Last night’s Virtual 2nd Monday Meeting, that Tim refers to above, attracted 21 sign-ins and slightly more members as one or two couples joined.

      The monthly 100 Club draw was held during the meeting and in the image below you can just see Carolyn’s partner holding up the first number drawn:


      The topic for the evening’s talk was ‘Swarm Collecting’, the third in a series given by David Blower. The first was Swarm Prevention followed by Swarm Control. Swarm Collection is therefore for those of us for whom lessons 1 and 2 failed to work!

      If you wonder what a presentation look like when taking part in a Zoom confernce call David shares his ‘desktop’ with us so that we can all see what he is presenting on his PC (Apple Mac, to be precise in David’s case). As it’s difficult for 21 participants to ask questions during the talk we use the ‘chat’ feature; members can type into the chat window their questions and then the meeting chair, Chris Paxford, goes through the questions at the end.

      After some general Q&A the meeting ended around 2045. You’ll see there is a separate thread within this forum asking members for their views on topics for virtual meetings and frequency.

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