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      Gary Thomas

      This was an open Q&A session that roved across quite a number of topics. I won’t go into all of them here (you need to join the virtual 2nd Monday meets to get all the benefits of the discussions) but topics discussed included:

      • Bees need to be prepared to take advantage of late harvests – if the frames are full of brood there is nowhere for the bees to store honey so one member found that he collected hardly any honey having moved his bees to take advantage of some late flowering forage
      • Is it an advantage of disadvantage for beekeepers if there is less OSR? One member got 300lbs from 4 hives and put this down to there being no OSR locally.
      • A number of members have been seeing the BIBBA talks this year which are highly recommended – and past talks are recorded and still available to view
      • Queens above queen excluders? Several members have had this; apparently the ‘size’ of a queen is determined by the size of her thorax and not abdomen. One member found that a rod on the edge of his QE had become loose and hence the gap had increased and speculated this is where the queen got through. We all then got a TopTip – apparently Gorilla glue is perfect for fixing broken QEs!

      Attendees SBK Virtual 2nd Monday meeting 12 october 2020


      We also had an update from David Blower on the state of the hives at the Training Apiary and on the extension at the back that Mike Clarke has been instrumental in building. It’s a store for all the items that can spend the winter outside, freeing up a lot of space inside the Bee Shed (container) itself.

      Extension to the Training Apiary Bee Shed

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