Virtual 2nd Monday meeting 08 June 2020 – Honey extraction.

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      Gary T

      We had 21 members ‘attend’ the 2nd Monday meeting on Monday 08th June when Chris Paxford took us through honey extraction.

      Chris had used Powerpoint to present his presentation and by sharing his ‘desktop’ with all attendees we could all see his presentation – it really works very well.

      Chris covered the whole range of honey extraction, from the beekeeper with just one or two frames of honey to extract to how the commercial beekeepers deal with hundreds of supers. All quite fascinating.

      It’s possible to ask questions during the talk and indeed several members did. These often then stimulate a bit of discussion (well, we are beekeepers!) and hearing about how others have tackled similar challenges is always interesting. I’m sure most of us will now remember that ‘Sticky Stuff Remover’ is good at removing honey stuck to floors, chairs, tables……(and yes, it’s a real thing, I’ve checked).

      These virtual meetings are good way to stay in touch whilst we cannot meet in person so put the next event in your diary, and online Q&A on 24th June

      See you at the next meeting!

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