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      Gary T

      Following on from tonight’s talk on Swarm Collecting please let the Committee know your thoughts on:

      How often you would like us to run a virtual meet, and

      What topics you would like covered.


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      Hello All

      Regarding frequency of meetings I would suggest this really depends on the goodwill of our hosts, as participants we can dip in and out as we please with no pressure at all to be attending.

      So I think a two weekly meeting at the moment maybe extending to three weeks as we move in to summer may be useful if this is not to daunting.

      A possible topic which may be of interest is colony loss over winter, I myself lost a very strong colony to Nosema emerging in spring with a very small

      amount of bees and a queen who disappeared in early March. It may be a good time to look at overwintering problems as it is still fairly recent in memory.

      Best regards


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