When is a play cup a queen cell?

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      Gary T

      On my inspection a week ago there were a few play cups (about a handful) in my very strong hive. A couple of them looked ‘charged’ in that there were lavae in them. I knocked all the play cups down.

      In the most recent inspection yesterday (Saturday 2nd) again there were a handful of play cups of which 2-3 looked charged. Again I knocked them down. This is the hive where I had previously moved a full frame of sealed brood to my second, weaker, hive, and replaced it with a frame of new foundation. This frame already had drawn cells and eggs laid a week later.

      They don’t seem like serious attempts to start a queen cell to me but The Apiarist says that the second time he finds charged play cups he goes into swarm control.

      When does a play cup beccome a queen cell? or should I just go into swarm control now?

      The hive has 3 supers on it with a lot of bees in the brood and 2 supers. There is a crown board between super 2 and 3 and not may bees have bothered to moved through it into the 3rd super. There is one frame of largely undrawn foundation in the brood.

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      Gary T

      I think my bees were somewhat embarrased at their beekeeper asking such a question so when I did an inspection yesterday they made it easy for me!

      The queen cell more or less in the centre of the bottom of the frame is a good 2cms long which makes it around day 5/6 ?

      I did a nucleus split removing the existing queen on her frame, another frame of brood and a frame of stores, into a nuc. I’ll go back into the hive in a few days time (need to work out exactly when), decidde which queen cell to keep and knock down the rest. At least that’s what I read I need to do!

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