Introduction to Beekeeping Course

Each year in April we run our “Introduction to Beekeeping” course. The course is to enable those who have an interest in taking up the craft of beekeeping to gain first hand knowledge on what is involved. The course is run over a weekend, the first day usually being held in Brailes Village Hall as a classroom session, whilst on the second day delegates are able  to inspect a colony of bees (bee suits provided) at our training apiary – also in Brailes – under the guidance of an experienced beekeeper enabling them to see at first hand what goes on in a hive and see the bees going about their daily activities.

The topics covered on the course include:

  • Why keep bees?
  • An introduction to how an individual bee, and a colony of bees, work
  • Choosing equipment and apiary sites
  • The beekeeping year and the critical manipulations
  • Common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and help from Shipston Beekeepers
  • Inspecting a colony of bees
  • Assembling and manipulating hive equipment

If your interest in beekeeping is stimulated by the course you can continue your beekeeping experience through the season by becoming a member of Shipston Beekeepers. At our apiary we hold weekly training evenings when, in the presence of an experienced beekeeper, you are able to monitor the activities of a colony of bees, take what measures are necessary for the wellbeing of the bees, carry out swarm control measures etc. etc. throughout the summer months. In this way you will become equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to have your own bees the following year.

Full information on the next course will be published on our website some months ahead of the event with the facility to enrol online. However in the meantime if you have any questions concerning the course these can be emailed to