Shipston ITB 2021

Shipston Beekeepers Into to Beekeeping course 2021

Having had to cancel last years Introduction to Beekeeping course and with Covid restrictions still applying we decided to hold the course this year using Zoom. The “classroom” part of the course was held over four successive evenings commencing 12th April. Each evening two aspects of beekeeping were covered by showing pre-recorded video presentations made by different members of the branch. Each presentation was followed by a question and answer discussion period prior to moving on to the next topic.



Shipston Beekeepers Introduction to Beekeeping 2021

Understandably a course run over Zoom did not appeal to some people but a total of 16 people signed up for the course nearly all of these being people who would have been on the course last year.


Over the weekend of 1st and 2nd May small groups of delegates then attended the branch apiary. Accompanied by an experienced beekeeper they were able to observe as a hive was opened and an inspection carried out so giving delegates a first hand impression of what happens inside a hive and of course seeing the bees as they carry out their work. Delegates were also shown how to assemble frames, having a go themselves.



Shipston Beekeepers Introduction to Beekeeping 2021

On conclusion of the course those who wished to further their beekeeping skills are able to join the Shipston branch and attend weekly training evenings at our branch apiary.

Thanks to our Secretary, Rod Oates, for the words and pictures.