Shipston ITB 2022 Report

Last year’s ITB consisted of Zoom theory sessions with a reduced number of students at the hands-on day at the Training Apiary. This year we were back to normal with 26 students on the course. We had the theory day in Brailes Village hall and of course the hands-on session at the training apiary on Sunday.

The theory day consisted of presentations on ‘Why become a beekeeper’; Bees and bee Basics; Equipment to buy – and not buy; Choosing an Apiary site; The Beekeeping Year; Products of the Hive; and ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong’. We thank David and Margery Blower, Chris Paxford, Rod Oates, Liz and Steve Bates, Douglas Nethercleft and Gary Thomas for their presentations.

End of day catching up – and mead tasting!

Sunday was of course Training Apiary day, a chance to actually see and handle a colony of bees. We provide the bee suits for the students, all they need to bring is suitable footware and their own gloves.

The students are split into 2 groups; one group learns how to make frames whilst the other don bee suits and, under the watchful gaze of our experienced beekeepers, open a hive and inspect the bees.

And we have to say, our training apiary is in a rather lovely setting in the Warwickshire village of Brailes

Looking down on the students at the hives and frame making

And we must end by thanking everyone who helped on the Sunday, from the beekeepers to all those on frame making and those who helped the students get into – and out of! – their bee suits. Thanks to you all