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Membership of Shipston and District Beekeepers benefits all beekeepers, both new and experienced, and importantly, the bees themselves. If you keep honey bees and are not yet a member, you may like to consider joining. Here are some of the benefits, not to mention the possibilities for friendship and anecdotal exchange:

  • Support through interaction with other Beekeepers, especially important for new beekeepers. It’s reassuring to know there is experienced help and advice available when you need it.
  • Automatic membership of BBKA (The British Beekeepers’ Association).
  • BBKA News (a bi-monthly newsletter of beekeeping information and news). Sent to all members direct from the BBKA.
  • Warwickshire Beekeeper (a monthly newsletter covering the eight branches)
  • Information and help with the control of disease, this is vital for the future of the Honey Bee in the UK and elsewhere. Beekeepers need to be informed if they are to practice good husbandry in Beekeeping and help to sustain the species and its valuable contribution to agriculture.
  • Beekeeping Insurance.

Third Party and Product Liability is automatically covered by BBKA.

Bee diseases. BDI Ltd. covers members for the statutory destruction of hives on account of reportable diseases and pests AFB, EFB, Small Hive Beetle and Tropilaelaps mites. There is a small premium for this insurance and it is a condition of membership of WBKA.

  • Free seminars and lectures.
  • Opportunities for showing honey and other products at local, regional and national honey shows.
  • Opportunities for taking BBKA Basic and Modular Assessments.
  • Membership to Warwickshire Beekeepers

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