SBKA Honey Show 2017

To be staged at the ‘Second Monday’ meeting 11th September in the restaurant at The Gate at Brailes.

Online entry of exhibits is via our website [here] from 1st August to 8th September with the exhibits themselves being staged in the restaurant from 6pm on the day of the show.

Judging takes place from 7.30pm as does a Social & Buffet for exhibitors and friends – as an incentive to enter at least one item in the honey show, free for the former with a requested £5 donation towards the buffet from those not participating.

Exhibits do take time to get ready, so decide which classes are for you and start preparations now.


1) 2 x 1lb jars of clear honey (any colour)
2) 1 x 1lb jar of clear honey (any colour) novice
3) 2 x 1lb jars of set honey (any granulated type, including soft set)
4) 1 x 1lb jar of set honey (any granulated type, including soft set) novice
5) 6 jars of honey (any size of type) labelled as for sale (tamper label optional. Any/all jars may be opened)
6) 1 frame of honey ready for extraction or 1 square section or 1 round or 1 container of cut comb
7) “Black Bag” – 1 x 1lb jar of liquid honey, judged on flavour alone
8) 2 beeswax candles (any method) to be in own holder or candlestick. One may be lit by the judge
9) 4 x 1oz matching pieces of beeswax or 1 block not less than 8oz
10) 4 x 1oz matching pieces of beeswax or 1 block not less than 8oz. Novice
11) 1 honey cake (set recipe provided below)
12) 1 other item containing honey or beeswax e.g. polish, fudge, soap, lip balm etc (not honey cake) packaged as for sale. Packaging may be removed for judging
13) 1 bottle of mead (any type, sweet or dry). Bottle must be punted 75cl clear glass with plastic rimmed cork stopper
14) Photographic print showing bee or honey related topic. 7” x 5” maximum size mounted on card

Rules: The exhibitor must have produced all exhibits
1lb jars shall be glass and squat
Other than for Class 5, lids shall be screw top gold coloured metal

Honey Cake Recipe

Honey Date Loaf



175g plain flour,

25g margarine,

25g sugar,

1 egg,

100g dates,

25g honey,

pinch of salt,

5 tbsp boiling water,

½ tsp bicarbonate of soda.


Grease loaf tin.

Stone and chop dates and pour boiling water over them; allow to cool.

Beat egg,

Dissolve bicarbonate of soda in water drained from dates.

Sift dry ingredients, rub in margarine. Add sugar.

Make well in centre, add egg, water, dates and honey.

Mix thoroughly then turn into prepared loaf tin.

Bake in moderate oven for about 1 hour.


Online entry of exhibits is via our website from 1st August to 8th September.  Enter here!

Members of our Branch Committee, most of whom have had a degree of success in producing good honeys and other hive products, are willing to give help and advice to anyone thinking of preparing items for entry into our show.  There are classes in our show schedule especially for novices – those who are putting in an entry for the very first time or who have not achieved a first, second, or third placing in that particular class before.  And everyone can bake a cake to a set recipe or take a good photograph of a beekeeping related subject ….  or can they? Give it a go!

The presentation of an exhibit obviously plays a part in its success (or otherwise!) in a show, but this year, for the first time, we are introducing a ‘black bag’ class whereby liquid / run honey in a jar is judged by its flavour alone.  If your bees have brought in a nice tasting honey, you are in with a chance!