Shipston Beekeepers stall at the Shutford show

Thanks to David and Margery Blower we had our first stall at a village show this year.

The Shutford show is a typical village affair where everyone seemed to know everyone else (by which I mean getting to the front of the queue in the beer tent can be a bit of a challenge). After Friday’s amazing weather the drizzly rain must have bene disappointing for the organisers but it didn’t seem to be putting visitors off.

The show organisers offered a stall to David which he accepted rather than get the Shipston tent out (and wet!). As always the demonstration hive was a great attraction especially to children playing ‘spot the queen’. We had various hive products for sale although disappointingly no members offered their honey etc. for sale. Members are reminded that we will sell their honey and other hive products on the Shipston stall with the obvious caveat that the labelling is all correct etc.

At one point the energetic compare of the event visited the Shipston stall and asked Margery some questions about bees. I recorded the conversation on my phone but Margery will doubtless be pleased to hear that the sound quality was not good enough for me to put the video up on this page.

Gary Thomas