The Hive Count 2020

If you have registered your bees with BeeBase then you should have received the following; if not, the please read on for the annual hive count.

Dear Beekeeper

It is again time to update your BeeBase records with the total number of overwintering hives as of 1st November 2020.

To complete this year’s hive count please click the link below which will take you to BeeBase. Once logged in, please answer the hive count questions displayed and then click the ‘Submit response’ button. It is as simple as that! Please update your records by 31st December 2020.

If you currently have no colonies, please update your BeeBase record to confirm this by selecting “non-current”.

Please click this link to update your Hive Count.

More details of this project, its importance and why we need your help can be found on BeeBase:

2019’s count indicated a total UK population of honey bee hives at approximately 264,000. Please note that several assumptions formed part of the calculations used to get derive this number. It is therefore classed as an ‘experimental statistic’.

If you have any security concerns about clicking on the embedded links in this email, you can access BeeBase directly from your Internet browser to complete the hive count. Simply log in to BeeBase and select ‘Hive Count’ from the list of options displayed.

We have produced additional guidance on how to update your records within BeeBase, these are included in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document on the Hive Count information page of BeeBase.

For more information on the National Hive Count you can email or call the National Bee Unit Office on 0300 3030094.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

National Bee Unit


Gary Thomas