Shipston Beekeepers members and their bees are very important to us. We provide education and support so that beekeepers can enjoy this fascinating hobby and ensure their bees are kept well and responsibly. It is crucial that new beekeepers have the right level of competence to manage their colonies, recognise disease, minimise swarming and avoid their bees being a nuisance to the public.


Complete Beginner?

Our successful two day “Introduction to Beekeeping” course will be run again in Spring 2020. Details of the dates and venues will be published shortly as well as an online application form to enroll on the course.

The course offers you the opportunity to spend the weekend in the company of our experienced beekeepers getting first hand experience and knowledge of:-

• Why keep bees?
• An introduction to how an individual bee and a colony of bees works.
• Choosing equipment and apiary sites.
• The beekeeping year and the products of the hive.
• Inspecting a colony of bees (bee suits provided)
• Assembling and manipulating hive equipment.

If your interest in beekeeping is stimulated by the course you can continue your beekeeping into the forthcoming season by joining SBKA. We aim to offer new members the opportunity to help manage bees in our training apiary, practicing under supervision the skills they will need to manage their own stocks of bees.


A bit more experienced?

We encourage members to take the BBKA Basic Assessment – which provides the information and confidence to keep bees – and offer revision classes and support for this and other BBKA Modules.

We have regular Apiary Meetings at our member’s home apiaries once a month during the summer and autumn season. These give the opportunity to learn how other people manage their bees, and maybe solve that tricky problem you’ve been facing.

There is a more informal gathering on the second Monday of every month to socialise, talk “bees” with like-minded individuals.

For upcoming training, both at branch and county level, please look at our News and Events page for further details.