WBKA Lecture by ‘The Apiarist’ David Evans

As the cooler weather of winter arrives and temperatures and rain begin to fall, how many of you have pondered if keeping bees in a bee shed would make beekeeping more practical and enjoyable? In our last lecture we saw something of the shed Bro Adam used at Buckfast Abbey. In the next in our series of beekeeping talks from leading national speakers, Prof David Evans will share his experience in using bee sheds for his personal beekeeping as well as his research work.

David began his beekeeping as a WBKA member while at Warwick University and has led research into the threat posed to honey bees by varroa and the associated viral infections. He is currently Prof of Virology at St Andrews University. However he is probably most widely known among beekeepers for his blog site ‘The Apiarist’ through which he shares his scientific exploration of the craft of beekeeping.

The lecture will take place using Zoom, starting at 7.30pm on Thursday 12th November.

This talk is for members of WBKA (which of course includes all members of Shipston Beekeepers). Details of the Zoom session are in the Members area.

Gary Thomas